If you are a stranger to the city where you are staying right now. Then, you could be one of the possible targets of those people who are driving taxi. Aside from the tourists which is very common and normal target of those abusive drivers, people who take vacation in that place for the first could be another victim of these people. They could possibly ask you for too much fare for a short distance travel since you don’t know much about the place. There is also another way where they would have a flat rate and refuse to use the meter for the distance and price of the journey. Some might lose you and go too far away routes so that your bill for the meter would go higher. There are some of the scam that drivers of taxi are usually doing to their stranger passengers. You could do and make an action ahead of time in order for you not to have the same experience to their victims.  


When you are taking the public taxi or the one that you got from hailing. Then, you have to check first the fastest route going to your destination. You need to plan this one ahead of time so that you would know where you would go and the approximate time or minutes that you would spend inside the transport going there. Of course, try to research as well all the possible shortcuts and other ways that there is no traffic. In this way, you could go to the place conveniently with no hassle. You can check as well if there are some taxi rules that you need to follow and pay attention. For example, if you have a lot of luggage with you and then the cab driver would say that there would be an extra pay for that, then that is so unreasonable and they are trying to make money from you.  

You have to have enough knowledge about the common rate of the taxi going to your destination. You can also ask the driver when you take the taxi. Of course, they won’t tell you the exact amount because of some natural reason like the traffic jam or car accidents there but they can literally give you the estimated amount.  

Some drivers are using a special kind of glass for their windshield replacement Portland that could be very dangerous for some passengers. Moreover, to that make sure that the meter in the taxi is working properly, if you have noticed that the meter is working too fast then tell the driver about it. Prepare some small bills. Some drivers are too wise, even if they have change for your fare then they would say that they don’t have.  

If you have other options where you can be safe and you will save more money. Then better to choose that. You may rent a car if you know how to drive. You can use your phone to download an application that is working prioerly in that city in booking a car or a taxi.  


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