How to Stop a Tree Stump from Re-growing? 


Simply because you cut down a tree on your lawn does not really mean that it won’t grow again. A tree will keep on growing from the remaining stump, assuming there is enough of the roots unharmed.  

It might take a couple of years to mature. This depends on the particular type. However, a tree can grow again from nothing more than a stump, when given enough time.  

Therefore, how do you prevent a tree stump from growing again after you a hire tree service Port St Lucie to chop down a tree? 

Get Rid of the Stump 

Obviously, you can always get rid of a tree stump if you want to stop it from growing again. There are a lot of expert stump and tree removal services that will happily take care of any stumps on your lawn. 

Dig It Out of the Ground 

It’s always an option to dig out a stump off the ground. However, you’ve got to simply be ready for some heavy physical labor.  

The roots of a stump can grow easily a couple of feet underground. Thus, you will have to dig out the whole space that surrounds the stump. You’ve got to go deep if needed. 

Grow Other Trees Around the Stump 

This is not as great as the other techniques. However, it is still worth trying if you are having issues keeping stumps from growing again.  

You want to basically grow other plants and trees around the stump. This will prevent the stump from reaching nutrients and moisture.  

Their roots will dig deep into the soil where they absorb nutrients and moisture as the other plants and trees thrive. Because of this, the stump will have a hard time growing and will die eventually. 

Cover It 

Covering the stump with a huge plastic tarp is another way to stop a tree stump from growing again. This does not poison the stump. It instead stops the stump for getting sunlight. 

Every tree requires water and sunlight to thrive. You will restrict the stump with sunlight if you cover it with a huge tarp. Thus, you are killing it slowly.  

Fill It with Salt 

Killing the stump with salt is one way to stop a tree stump from growing again. For those who don’t know, the salt will leach moisture from the stump while affecting its cellular health in the process.  

First, you will have to bore or drill a huge hole in the center if you want to kill as stump using salt. You’ve got to create a deep hole so that the salt will reach the entire stump. After that, you fill the hole with salt. Then, all you’ve got to do is wait for the process to do its job.  

You might have to reapply the salt for a couple of months. However, eventually, the salt will kill the stump. 

If you’ve got a problematic stump on your lawn, do not hesitate to call a stump removal company to get rid of it right away. 


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